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Brennan Helicopter Tethered Brennan Helicopter - Louis Brennan recognized the utility of a helicopter and started work to build one in 1916. Brennan’s helicopter successfully flew in 1924, but its performance was lacking, and it was not repaired after a crash in 1925.
CTA - ITA Heliconair Convertiplano drawing CTA / ITA Heliconair HC-I Convertiplano - Designed by Germans and built in Brazil using an American engine, British wings, and Swedish propellers, the CTA/ITA Heliconair Convertiplano tiltrotor VTOL aircraft was unique in many ways.
Dorand Gyroplane G20 complete 1947 Dorand Gyroplane G.20 (G.II) - Designed by Frenchman René Dorand, the G.20 was a very streamlined and advanced helicopter powered by two Renault engines. Delayed because of WWII, the G.20 was finished in 1947 but never flown.
Hughes XH-17 hover front Hughes (Kellett) XH-17 Heavy-Lift Helicopter - The Kellett-designed and Hughes-built XH-17 was a heavy-lift helicopter for the USAF. The noise and poor fuel economy of its cold-cycle pressure-jet rotor propulsion limited its usefulness.
Papin-Rouilly Gyroptere (Gyropter) - The French Papin-Rouilly Gyroptere was an early attempt at vertical flight. However, its design was deficient, and its unique power and control systems proved too advanced for 1915.
PKZ 2 engines 3 Petróczy-Kármán-Žurovec PKZ 2 Helicopter - Stephan Petróczy von Petrócz, Theodor von Kármán, and Wilhelm Žurovec combined their abilities to create a tethered helicopter that used three La Rhône rotary engines to power contra-rotating rotor blades.
Sikorsky S-56 (CH-37 Mojave/Deuce) Helicopter - In 1956, the Sikorsky S-56 (CH-37 Mojave/Deuce) was the largest and fastest military helicopter in the Western world. The R-2800-powered helicopter would eventually be outclassed by turbine-powered machines.
Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk airbrakes Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk Attack Helicopter - The Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk was a high-performance attack helicopter. A private venture for the company that impressed pilots and set speed records, the gunship failed to interest the US Army.