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Bennie Railplane test Bennie Railplane - Designed by George Bennie, the Railplane was envisioned as a new form of high-speed rail transportation. Tested in the 1930s, the propeller-driven machine was never put into service.
Hispano-Suiza Type 86 engine Hispano-Suiza Type 86 Railcar Engine - The Hispano-Suiza Type 86 was a unique horizontal engine designed to power railcars. The experimental, 12-cylinder engine displaced 2,200 cu in (36.05 L) and produced up to 750 hp (560 kW).
Schwerer Gustav firing test Krupp 80 cm Kanone Schwerer Gustav (Dora) Railway Gun - The Krupp 80 cm Kanone (E) Schwerer Gustav / Dora was a huge railway gun developed for a need that ultimately did not exist. Although impractical, the German WWII weapon was a feat of engineering.
Napier-Deltic-T18-37K-Marine-Engine Napier Deltic Opposed-Piston Diesel Engine - The Napier Deltic was a two-stroke, opposed-piston diesel engine with three cylinder banks arranged in a triangle. The engine was developed in the 1950s for marine and locomotive use, and it is still used today.
NYC M-497 tow New York Central M-497 Black Beetle - In 1966 New York Central built the jet-powered M-497 to explore the possibilities of faster rail service. Two J-47 engines from a B-36 propelled the M-497 to a record-setting 183.85 mph (295.88 km/h).
PRR-T1-5526 Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-4-4 T1 Locomotive - The PRR 4-4-4-4 T1 was one of the last steam locomotives. Perhaps the fastest of all steam engines, design and maintenance issues combined with the efficiency of diesel engines brought a quick end to the T1.
Pennsylvania Railroad 6-4-4-6 S1 Locomotive - The Pennsylvania Railroad S1 6100 was a huge passenger locomotive that had record-setting potential. However, the engine’s long, rigid frame made it unsuitable for most tracks and limited its service life.
Rail-Zeppelin-rear-four-blade-21-10-1930 Rail Zeppelin Propeller-Driven Railcar (Schienenzeppelin) - The Rail Zeppelin was a 1930s attempt to revolutionize rail travel by using lightweight, high-speed, propeller-driven railcars. Although some success was achieved, the concept did not catch on.
big-boy-4002 Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy Locomotive - The Union Pacific Big Boy was one of the largest and heaviest steam locomotives ever built. Weighing over 1,189,000 lb (539,000 kg), the engine produced 6,290 hp (4,690 kW) and could pull over 100 cars.