Duesenberg Aircraft Engines: A Technical Description

By William Pearce

The Duesenberg name became legendary in early auto racing and is now known around the world as one of the most sought after classic cars. For a brief period, encompassing World War I, Fred and Augie Duesenberg turned their attention to aircraft engines. In the span of five years, their company created four unique aircraft engines and was involved in the development of others.

Duesenberg Aircraft Engines: A Technical Description contains over 100 illustrations and describes the aircraft engines from this nearly forgotten chapter in Duesenberg and aviation history.


1.  Fred and Augie Duesenberg
2.  Duesenberg “Walking Beam” Valve Gear
3.  Straight-Four Engine of 1915
4.  V-12 Engine of 1916
5.  Sixteen-Valve Straight-Four Engine
6.  The King-Bugatti U-16 Engine
7.  Duesenberg Model H V-16 Engine
Appendix A – Duesenberg Aircraft Engine Comparison
Appendix B – Duesenberg Valve Gear Patent
Appendix C – The King V-12 Aero Engine
Appendix D – Duesenberg Engine Test House
Appendix E – Christensen Self-Starter
Appendix F – Notes on Descriptions and Conflicting Information

$12.99 USD
6 in x 9 in
112 pages (122 total page count)
ISBN 978-0-9850353-0-3

Duesenberg Aircraft Engines: A Technical Description is available at Amazon.com. If you wish to purchase the book with a check, please contact us for arrangements.

Sample Pages:
Duesenberg Aircraft Engines sample Duesenberg Aircraft Engines sample Duesenberg Aircraft Engines sample.




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Duesenberg Motors New York Aero Show

A recently discovered image of the Duesenberg Motors Corporation display at the New York Aeronautical Exhibition, held in Madison Square Garden from 1 to 15 March 1919. From left to right is a complete King-Bugatti U-16 engine built by Duesenberg, the Duesenberg Model H V-16 engine with gear reduction, the sixteen-valve four-cylinder Duesenberg engine with gear reduction, and a partially assembled King-Bugatti engine.

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